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A beautiful sight in a beautiful setting

May 27, 2009

Kimberley KingI love the combination of Kimberley King’s radiant smile, the way her son holds onto her breast as he sucks, and the beautiful background from the west coast of Canada. It’s almost like an artist’s portrait. Kimberly wrote, “My son would have been about 1 year old at the time (he is almost 8 now!) and we had had a full day of playing in the surf. So nice!”

Snacking during a cruise

May 21, 2009

Wendy JolliffeWendy Jolliffe feeds her baby during a whale-watching tour. Her comments under this picture on Facebook include “There were several people who didn’t even know that I had a baby with me until I had to change his diaper (yes, in public – there was nowhere else to go … we were on a boat tour!), let alone that I was breastfeeding him in public for the entire boat cruise!” It’s clear from her smile that she is a happy mom here.

Enjoying their day at the beach

May 8, 2009

beach-south of FranceJulie Desormeaux-Emery feeds her baby on a beach in the south of France. While other women enjoy sunbathing and swimming, she provides the natural nourishment that her child needs.

Feeding in transit

April 29, 2009

louise-wareingLouise Wareing breastfeeds her daughter on the Big Wheel. She wrote me that the youngster “took the trip in her stride and it was the ideal warm place for a feed!”

A toast to the weekend

April 18, 2009

heather-hartung-macraeSince it’s Saturday, let’s raise a toast to the weekend! Heather Hartung-MacRae enjoys a non-alcoholic beer while breastfeeding her baby during a break in what she said was “a long hike in Southern Germany — hence the really wind-messed hair.” I wouldn’t worry about the hair, Heather. Your smile and your nursing make this a beautiful picture.

Natural feeding in nature’s beauty

April 16, 2009

roxane-obrienWhat could be more appropriate amid the beauty of nature than the most natural way to feed a child — from the mother’s breast? Roxane O’Brien enjoys the beautiful setting while nursing her child, and she allows all of us to enjoy the scene through her picture.

Opponents might say that’s not cricket …

April 14, 2009

mary-fankhauserMary Fankhauser commented under this picture in Facebook, “Melbourne University Cricket Club didn’t seem to have a problem with it!” I’m glad they didn’t, for this is an appealing photograph.

Does the tongue help?

April 9, 2009

bella-grandi1I had to chuckle when I saw Bella Grandi’s picture on Facebook. It’s customary to see certain body parts projecting during breastfeeding, but not usually the tongue. I like the picture of her feeding Louis, which is another good example of breastfeeding in a public setting.

Suckling in serenity

April 3, 2009

jenn-oreillyI like the serene setting of this picture, which shows Jenn O’Reilly providing lunch for her daughter. Jenn commented that a couple stopped and chatted with her for a few minutes while she was nursing. It’s so nice when people accept breastfeeding as normal like that, rather than taking offense as so often happens.

Snack time!

March 27, 2009

ruth-moss-2Again I’m using the mother’s words for the title, this time from Ruth Moss’s photo on Facebook as it shows her feeding Bertie. The caption goes on to say, “This appeared in UK tabloid The Sunday People to publicise the opposition to FB’s position on breastfeeding photos.” Good for you, Ruth! It helps to have more people express themselves on this topic.