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Off to a good start

July 23, 2009

Claire Myatt 1Clare Moore feeds baby Oscar in her first breastfeeding attempt after his birth. After not nursing her first two children, she decided to try with Oscar. When Clare sent this picture to me, she wrote, “I am amazed to think how unaware I was of what impact and wonderful effect this would have on my life.”

Under Mom’s watchful eyes

July 19, 2009

Lisa Thomas 1Lisa Thomas watches Kade as he feeds at her breast. Kade holds on loving while he nurses.

‘Women need support and encouragement …’

July 15, 2009

Angela NagleAngela Nagle holds her son to her breast in one of her first attempts at breastfeeding him in 2007. Despite some difficulties, she persevered and now says that she is sad that she doesn’t breastfeed anymore. She added in the caption on Facebook: “Women need support and encouragement, not to be seen as obscene.” That is so true!

Both holding on

June 30, 2009

Lisa Fogg-LacroixLisa Fogg-Lacroix cradles her baby’s head while baby holds on to her breast at feeding time. The bonding between mother and child at times like this is so important  in addition to the nourishment provided by the mother’s milk.

Comfortable on the sofa

June 29, 2009

Ingrid-Annette RokkeIngrid-Annette Røkke relaxes while she breast feeds her baby. The position of her baby’s hands brought some discussion on Facebook about how newborns tend to bring their hands up to their chins when they are enjoying themselves. I like Ingrid-Annette’s rapt attention to her baby, too.

Supportive, loving father

June 28, 2009

Laurie Kathryn SimpsonIn the caption for this photo on Facebook, Laurie Kathryn Simpson wrote, “Hooray for all the supportive fathers who encourage and defend our right to breastfeed whenever, wherever!” I couldn’t say it better. This picture depicts so wonderfully a loving father watching his baby feed at mom’s breast.

Feeding her little one

June 27, 2009

Jenn Michelle 2007-02-23-057Jenn Michelle’s smile shows her obvious pleasure as she breastfeeds her sweet baby daughter, whom she calls Nugget in her blog.

You will see more of Jenn Michelle and Nugget in future entries on here, as Jenn Michelle has graciously allowed me to post breastfeeding photos from her blog, “bits of myself.” She has been through a difficult time after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma when Nugget was only 13 months old.  After chemotherapy was completed, Jenn Michelle resumed breastfeeding, but now she has to deal with the illness again.

You can find out more about Jenn Michelle, her family and their battles with cancer in her blog.

Feeding twins and having fun

June 16, 2009

Kathryn VantTandem nursing and a smiling mom make a wonderful combination in this photo, as Kathryn Vant breastfeeds her twins.

Feeding while waiting

June 8, 2009

waiting for a train, quick drink (reduced)Joy Mottram takes advantage of waiting time to breastfeed her twins at a train startion.

Feeding her preemie

June 5, 2009

Louise Foster reducedLouise foster smiles as she feeds daughter Rosie, who was 34 weeks in this picture. Louiise wrote, “she is very special as she Turners Syndrome.” You can read about Rosie and her condition at