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Showing love in two ways

August 3, 2009

Sheila Ruuskanen NeumannSheila Ruuskanen Neumann kisses one of her children while she breastfeeds another. In the caption for this picture on Facebook, Sheila wrote, “Me and my babies, so proud I had a photo shoot to capture these most wonderful memories forever.” Several people added comments there about the beauty of this picture. It’s a great depiction of motherly love.

Togetherness while Mom nurses

July 7, 2009

still room for the 3yr old to sit and have a chat (resized)Joy Mottram and her 3-year-old daughter chat while Joy breastfeeds her baby.

Togetherness at feeding time

July 3, 2009

Trish Isles MorganTrish Isles Morgan holds one child while breastfeeding another. She commented under this picture on Facebook, “Tayla loves being included in Abbey’s feeds!” and added, “It made the whole transition of a new baby much easier for my daughter.” I always like to see pictures like this one. It’s so good to include an older child when a baby is being breastfed.

Supportive, loving father

June 28, 2009

Laurie Kathryn SimpsonIn the caption for this photo on Facebook, Laurie Kathryn Simpson wrote, “Hooray for all the supportive fathers who encourage and defend our right to breastfeed whenever, wherever!” I couldn’t say it better. This picture depicts so wonderfully a loving father watching his baby feed at mom’s breast.

With help from sister …

June 13, 2009

Amelia ClarkeThis picture looks like a posed portrait, but Amelia Clarke wrote in Facebook, “This is how i fed for months. The best times in my life!” I love the way the older daughter holds the younger one’s head as she nurses.

Sharing love

June 6, 2009

Sarah Murray reducedThis picture from Sarah Murray, showing her with her son, Lucas, while she breastfeeds her daughter, Isla, has a touching background. I’ll let Sara tell it in her own words:

“My husband took this photo of myself, my son Lucas and my daughter Isla …, and I think it shows brilliantly how your attention can still be shared between your children even if you are breastfeeding. My son is almost 7, and is blind with complex medical conditions, so I was concerned how breastfeeding Isla would be difficult as Lucas needs me so much. We bought Lucas a baby doll before Isla came along, and within a few weeks, he was pretending to feed ‘his girl’ next to me. He is so cool about me feeding Isla, and she is now 16 months and so expert at feeding that I really can share a moment with both of them whether or not she is feeding! The other bonus is that when we are in hospital with Lucas, the staff are relaxed about letting Isla be there too,which isnt true for all siblings, and they offer me drinks and food so that I can feed Isla, which means I dont have to be away from Lucas.”

Daughter takes the picture

June 1, 2009

Emma Dacey (reduced)Emma Dacey wrote that her daughter, Rebekah, took this picture with her dad’s camera because she thought Emma and 5-month-old Isobel “look lovely” during breastfeeding. What makes this even more special is that Rebekah is 4 years old. Emma wrote, “It’s great that my daughter thinks breastfeeding is so normal. I agree!

Togetherness while feeding

April 24, 2009

jessica-ibbitson-andersonI like pictures that show an older sibling watching while mom feeds the baby in the family. There’s something special about that togetherness. Here Jessica Ibbitson Anderson nurses her baby while older brother looks on.

Family time

April 3, 2009

maranda-carvellI like pictures that show others in the family with a mother nursing her baby. There’s something special to me about the togetherness, as when Maranda Carvell breastfeeds her baby here while another child looks on (mugging for the camera a bit). Maranda commented that one of her favorite things about this picture is that her 7-year-old son took it, so another family member was involved.

Proud brother watches

March 29, 2009

paula-lloyd-woodgerPaula Lloyd Woodger nurses 7-week-old Daisy while Daisy’s brother looks on. It’s always good to see a sibling appreciating his or her mother breastfeeding a baby.