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Self-shot tandem photo

August 9, 2009

3 weeks old, tandem twins, self-picJoy Mottram took this picture herself as she fed her twins when they were 3 weeks old.

Moms join to breastfeed in public at picnics

July 31, 2009

Stroud 2009 b-Kirstie ClarkeKirstie Clarke tandem feeds during the Annual Breastfeeding In Public Spaces support event in the UK at Stroud. The sign below welcomed people to the event. I hope to post more pictures from this and similar picnics in the future.

Stroud 2009 sign

Sisterly love

July 30, 2009

Katelin Brunson-HuttoAndi Brunson-Williams and Katelin Brunson-Hutto nurse their sons simultaneously. The boys were born five months apart. Katelin commented under this picture on Facebook that she had tandem nursed the boys while Andi took a nap. “What a wonderful experience!!!!” she wrote. Katelin’s comments also supplied the title that I used for this entry.

You can learn more about the sisters on their blogs. Andi has Crazy Busy Momma, and Katelin has Mamma’s Here.

It’s more fun when you share

July 29, 2009

nurse2-2-a (see anecdote in note)Heather Armstrong provided this picture of her best friend in the unusual situation of having two children at one breast. Heather wrote that her friend was “nursing her three year old daughter,  who then invited my two year old son to ‘have some!’ and he dove right in!” Aren’t children great with their fun and spontaneity?

You can find more of Heather’s excellent photographs at

Double the pleasure with twins

July 5, 2009

Ginny SmithOne of her sons looks up at mom as Ginny Smith breastfeeds her first set of twins. When I contacted her to ask about using this picture, she replied, “I’m currently breastfeeding our second set of twin boys and am very passionate about promoting the benefits and beauty of breastfeeding.”

It’s wonderful to meet (online, at least) so many women who are so positive about breastfeeding.

Feeding twins and having fun

June 16, 2009

Kathryn VantTandem nursing and a smiling mom make a wonderful combination in this photo, as Kathryn Vant breastfeeds her twins.

Feeding while waiting

June 8, 2009

waiting for a train, quick drink (reduced)Joy Mottram takes advantage of waiting time to breastfeed her twins at a train startion.

The pause that refreshes

May 11, 2009

pitstop - 9months old (reduced)Joy Mottram takes a break to feed her 9-month-old twins. They readily avail themselves of the nourishment of mom’s breast milk.

Young and eager

April 26, 2009

1-day-old-tandem-twins-self-pic-reducedAt 1 day old, Joy Mottram’s twins eagerly take to her breasts for that special mother’s milk. Joy took this picture herself. It’s the first of several that she sent that I hope to publish over time, showing her twins breastfeeding as they grow. You can find more about Joy and her children on her blog at

Tandem tradition

March 25, 2009

tammy-mcinnis-maguire-duperronI usually post only one picture per blog entry, but I just had to include two here, both showing Tammy McInnis Maguire-Duperron tandem nursing. The tandem technique is something of a tradition with her; her comments on the Facebook page with the picture above say that Iza & Lyvie (shown above in her first tandem feeding) were her third set of tandem nursers. Since then, Lyvie grew to become the older in another tandem set. The picture below shows Lyvie on her second birthday with Crystian at almost 4 months.