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Self-shot tandem photo

August 9, 2009

3 weeks old, tandem twins, self-picJoy Mottram took this picture herself as she fed her twins when they were 3 weeks old.

Love in action

August 4, 2009

Sarah Eliason Cline

Sarah Eliason Cline breastfeeds baby Charlotte at their home. Sarah wrote on Facebook, “If this isn’t love, I don’t know what is!” It’s a great example of love in action.

Moms join to breastfeed in public at picnics

July 31, 2009

Stroud 2009 b-Kirstie ClarkeKirstie Clarke tandem feeds during the Annual Breastfeeding In Public Spaces support event in the UK at Stroud. The sign below welcomed people to the event. I hope to post more pictures from this and similar picnics in the future.

Stroud 2009 sign

Smiling mom

July 26, 2009

Alison SchneiderAlison Schneider looks so happy while she breastfeeds her baby. Her comment under this picture on Facebook reads, “Ahhh, happy breastfeeding hormones! I am like sooooo at peace with the world….” I’m sure her infant was at peace with the world, too, while taking nourishment from Mom’s breast.

At this moment, Mom is his whole world

July 24, 2009

Lisa Thomas 3Kade looks up lovingly at his mother, Lisa Thomas, who provides, food, warmth, comfort and love. Is it any wonder he holds tightly to her breast?

Off to a good start

July 23, 2009

Claire Myatt 1Clare Moore feeds baby Oscar in her first breastfeeding attempt after his birth. After not nursing her first two children, she decided to try with Oscar. When Clare sent this picture to me, she wrote, “I am amazed to think how unaware I was of what impact and wonderful effect this would have on my life.”

Baby gets dinner, too

July 21, 2009

Katrina KittlerKatrina Kittler feeds her baby at the reception following her wedding. In a comment under the picture on Facebook, she wrote, “Everyone else got dinner….. couldn’t leave the baby out!!” Her beautiful dress is in a Renaissance style that Katrina likes.

Katrina has had two more children and is still breastfeeding the last one, who is 19 months old.

Stay there, shirt!

July 20, 2009

Chris SjoeChris Sjoe’s little one holds her shirt up and out of the way while breastfeeding. The baby doesn’t want that shirt interfering with access to mom’s milk. 🙂

Under Mom’s watchful eyes

July 19, 2009

Lisa Thomas 1Lisa Thomas watches Kade as he feeds at her breast. Kade holds on loving while he nurses.

Snack time on a hike

July 17, 2009

Dawn GuyWhile Dawn Guy poses for a photograph, MacGregor continues to enjoy Mom’s milk. In a comment under this picture on Facebook, Dawn commented about the convenience of breastfeeding: “It’s helped us out immensely; we pack a sippy for my older son and some snacks and off we go.”

She also wrote, “I’ve nursed in front of everyone I know at some point in the last two and a half years.” Wouldn’t it be nice if people in general were more accepting of the natural, loving behavior of a woman nursing her child at her breast?