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Supportive, loving father

June 28, 2009

Laurie Kathryn SimpsonIn the caption for this photo on Facebook, Laurie Kathryn Simpson wrote, “Hooray for all the supportive fathers who encourage and defend our right to breastfeed whenever, wherever!” I couldn’t say it better. This picture depicts so wonderfully a loving father watching his baby feed at mom’s breast.

That special first-time feeding

May 19, 2009

Teresa 'Lawless' ChristnerHusband Nathan watches lovingly, hand on Ryleigh’s head, as Teresa ‘Lawless’ Christner provides their baby’s first meal from her breast.

Serenade for breastfeeding

March 3, 2009

gillian-doanIt’s unusual to see a picture of a woman being serenaded while she breastfeeds her baby. Gillian Doan shared this picture, and I like the family togetherness that it shows. On her Facebook site, Gillian said this was a “special family time at the cottage.” She said her baby, who was 14 months old when the picture was made, was a good example that “Preemies can learn to breastfeed, too.”


February 26, 2009

angela-elliott-with-husband-and-sonA mother, father and baby make for a great family picture — especially when the mother is nursing the baby. Angela Elliott’s husband joins her as she breastfeeds in this photograph.