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Nursing on the beach

July 1, 2009

Lorna OBrien rescannedLorna O’Brien sent this beautiful picture from a holiday on the Isle of Wight, showing her breastfeeding her daughter Eimear (who is 15 months old today) on the beach.

A snack after playing

May 29, 2009

Sarah Fleet

Sarah Fleet’s son was nearly 14 months old when this picture was taken. She wrote, “He had been playing in the water and then came running up to me doing his ‘sign’ for mummy milk.” She added that the towel was to keep him warm, rather than to hide her.

Enjoying their day at the beach

May 8, 2009

beach-south of FranceJulie Desormeaux-Emery feeds her baby on a beach in the south of France. While other women enjoy sunbathing and swimming, she provides the natural nourishment that her child needs.

Breastfeeding with a view

March 26, 2009

michelle-hall-roddeThe title above is not original with me. It came from the caption for this picture when Michelle Hall Rodde posted it on Facebook. I couldn’t come up with anything as good, so I’m using her picture and her words! I love the serene scene as Michelle breastfeeds her baby with the vastness of water and beach around her.

Lunch on the beach

March 12, 2009

melanie-brownI couldn’t think of a better title than what Melanie Brown used when she posted this picture on Facebook, so I used it again. I love the composition here, with Melanie’s baby feeding happily from her breast in the foreground and the beach, water and blue sky in the background. What a special time!

Nursing on the beach

February 23, 2009

beach-south-of-franceJulie Desormeaux-Emery feeds her baby at a resort-area beach. Although many women there were topless, few used their breasts so productively.