Breastfeeding her bespectacled baby

Nicole Marr and Penn-smaller copyNicole Marr sent this picture of herself feeding daughter Penny. It’s the first picture I have seen of a baby wearing glasses while breastfeeding.

I assumed that blog viewers would be as curious as I was about the glasses, so I asked Nicole what happened to Penny’s vision. She replied: “Penny was born with cataracts, just like her daddy was. She had surgery on both eyes by 9 weeks, and got her glasses at 11 weeks old. She had lens implants, so the glasses basically correct for the implants until she grows into them. By the time she’s a teenager, she should only need glasses for reading.”

In case you are wondering what it’s like to breastfeed a baby with glasses, here’s Nicole’s comment on that topic: “It is a logistical nightmare, haha! If I need to nurse her in public, I simply have to take her glasses off because I find it too hard.”

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