Sharing love

Sarah Murray reducedThis picture from Sarah Murray, showing her with her son, Lucas, while she breastfeeds her daughter, Isla, has a touching background. I’ll let Sara tell it in her own words:

“My husband took this photo of myself, my son Lucas and my daughter Isla …, and I think it shows brilliantly how your attention can still be shared between your children even if you are breastfeeding. My son is almost 7, and is blind with complex medical conditions, so I was concerned how breastfeeding Isla would be difficult as Lucas needs me so much. We bought Lucas a baby doll before Isla came along, and within a few weeks, he was pretending to feed ‘his girl’ next to me. He is so cool about me feeding Isla, and she is now 16 months and so expert at feeding that I really can share a moment with both of them whether or not she is feeding! The other bonus is that when we are in hospital with Lucas, the staff are relaxed about letting Isla be there too,which isnt true for all siblings, and they offer me drinks and food so that I can feed Isla, which means I dont have to be away from Lucas.”

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