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Feeding her newborn at home

May 31, 2009

Claire Myatt 2Clare Myatt looks tired but happy during her first attempt at feeding her newborn, Oscar, at home. She wrote, “Despite being shattered, sore, bedraggled and a little overwhelmed (after just a 1 hour 15 minute labour!), every time I look at them I am amazed to think how unaware I was of what impact and wonderful effect this would have on my life.” I’m sure that many other mothers can identify with Clare’s feelings.

A Gem of a picture

May 30, 2009

Gemma Irving 1 (copy)I couldn’t resist the play on words in the title for this precious picture of Gemma Irving feeding Daisy at her breast — a lovely scene!

A snack after playing

May 29, 2009

Sarah Fleet

Sarah Fleet’s son was nearly 14 months old when this picture was taken. She wrote, “He had been playing in the water and then came running up to me doing his ‘sign’ for mummy milk.” She added that the towel was to keep him warm, rather than to hide her.

A beautiful sight in a beautiful setting

May 27, 2009

Kimberley KingI love the combination of Kimberley King’s radiant smile, the way her son holds onto her breast as he sucks, and the beautiful background from the west coast of Canada. It’s almost like an artist’s portrait. Kimberly wrote, “My son would have been about 1 year old at the time (he is almost 8 now!) and we had had a full day of playing in the surf. So nice!”

View from above

May 24, 2009

Monica ConnellI like the perspective of this picture, as it shows Monica Connell nursing Zoe almost from Monica’s view. Monica commented under this photo on Facebook that Zoe was just minutes old and she nursed for two hours.

Snacking during a cruise

May 21, 2009

Wendy JolliffeWendy Jolliffe feeds her baby during a whale-watching tour. Her comments under this picture on Facebook include “There were several people who didn’t even know that I had a baby with me until I had to change his diaper (yes, in public – there was nowhere else to go … we were on a boat tour!), let alone that I was breastfeeding him in public for the entire boat cruise!” It’s clear from her smile that she is a happy mom here.

That special first-time feeding

May 19, 2009

Teresa 'Lawless' ChristnerHusband Nathan watches lovingly, hand on Ryleigh’s head, as Teresa ‘Lawless’ Christner provides their baby’s first meal from her breast.

Happy mom with hungry baby

May 17, 2009

MaryFleur Hanlon McGregorMaryFleur Hanlon McGregor treats her baby to a nourishing meal of mom’s milk. I like what she said in a comment under this photo on Facebook. Here is part of her comment: “Just because breasts are sooooo sexualized in our culture doesn’t make them any less a vessel by which to pass nourishment than a bottle, so why are they so much more taboo here in the “civilized” world.” Well said!

Nursing while afloat

May 16, 2009

Lindsay Saulnier

Lindsay Saulnier breastfeeds in a canoe. Breastfeeding is convenient as well as beautiful.

Exchanging loving looks

May 13, 2009

Aimée SchatzI love the way Aimée Schatz and her baby are looking at each other here. Someone on Facebook commented, This is a beautiful picture of the bond that breast feeding creates…” I couldn’t have said it better.