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Feeding in transit

April 29, 2009

louise-wareingLouise Wareing breastfeeds her daughter on the Big Wheel. She wrote me that the youngster “took the trip in her stride and it was the ideal warm place for a feed!”

A beauty at the breast

April 28, 2009

louiise-miller-reducedLouise Wheeler’s daughter feeds contentedly at her mom’s breast. Louise wrote that for her daughter, who was 3 years old when this picture was taken, nursing was “her favourite way to chill out and have some bonding time with me after the birth of her sister.”

Young and eager

April 26, 2009

1-day-old-tandem-twins-self-pic-reducedAt 1 day old, Joy Mottram’s twins eagerly take to her breasts for that special mother’s milk. Joy took this picture herself. It’s the first of several that she sent that I hope to publish over time, showing her twins breastfeeding as they grow. You can find more about Joy and her children on her blog at

Wherever Mom goes …

April 25, 2009

joy-mcilwaine… baby’s food supply will be there! Joy McIlwaine gives her baby breakfast during a camping trip.

Togetherness while feeding

April 24, 2009

jessica-ibbitson-andersonI like pictures that show an older sibling watching while mom feeds the baby in the family. There’s something special about that togetherness. Here Jessica Ibbitson Anderson nurses her baby while older brother looks on.

Look at the camera

April 22, 2009

n628090890_2399255_8085It’s not unusual to see a breasfeeding mom look at the camera when a picture is taken. Here Dani Arnold’s son seems intrigued by the photography process, too — but not enough to relax his efforts in gaining nourishment from her breast.

Looking up at Mom

April 20, 2009

angela-macarthurAngela MacArthur’s baby looks at her with rapt attention while enjoying nourishment from her breast. Angela’s comment on Facebook, “What is not beautiful about that?” is to the point. This is a beautiful scene.

That special first time

April 19, 2009

faun-dansonFaun Danson breastfeeds her 3-pound son for the first time. Her smile shows how happy she is for this special event for her and her premature baby.

A toast to the weekend

April 18, 2009

heather-hartung-macraeSince it’s Saturday, let’s raise a toast to the weekend! Heather Hartung-MacRae enjoys a non-alcoholic beer while breastfeeding her baby during a break in what she said was “a long hike in Southern Germany — hence the really wind-messed hair.” I wouldn’t worry about the hair, Heather. Your smile and your nursing make this a beautiful picture.

Watching her child’s first feeding

April 17, 2009

andie-frogleyThat first feeding is always special with each child. Here Andie Frogley watches her second child take milk from her breast for the first time.