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Love those eyes!

March 31, 2009

11-months-bf-3Sarah Gaff’s baby looks so bright-eyed during breastfeeding.

Bundled but feeding

March 30, 2009

jennifer-leanne-mccoyJennifer Leanne McCoy holds her snugly wrapped baby for a feeding session. Someone called this a “beautiful photo” in a comment on Facebook, and I agree.

Proud brother watches

March 29, 2009

paula-lloyd-woodgerPaula Lloyd Woodger nurses 7-week-old Daisy while Daisy’s brother looks on. It’s always good to see a sibling appreciating his or her mother breastfeeding a baby.

Tired — but happy — new mom

March 28, 2009

lynsey-k-calvertBaby Oscar enjoys his first feeding at mom Lynsey K Calvert’s breast less than 30 minutes after his birth following 48 hours of labor.

Snack time!

March 27, 2009

ruth-moss-2Again I’m using the mother’s words for the title, this time from Ruth Moss’s photo on Facebook as it shows her feeding Bertie. The caption goes on to say, “This appeared in UK tabloid The Sunday People to publicise the opposition to FB’s position on breastfeeding photos.” Good for you, Ruth! It helps to have more people express themselves on this topic.

Breastfeeding with a view

March 26, 2009

michelle-hall-roddeThe title above is not original with me. It came from the caption for this picture when Michelle Hall Rodde posted it on Facebook. I couldn’t come up with anything as good, so I’m using her picture and her words! I love the serene scene as Michelle breastfeeds her baby with the vastness of water and beach around her.

Tandem tradition

March 25, 2009

tammy-mcinnis-maguire-duperronI usually post only one picture per blog entry, but I just had to include two here, both showing Tammy McInnis Maguire-Duperron tandem nursing. The tandem technique is something of a tradition with her; her comments on the Facebook page with the picture above say that Iza & Lyvie (shown above in her first tandem feeding) were her third set of tandem nursers. Since then, Lyvie grew to become the older in another tandem set. The picture below shows Lyvie on her second birthday with Crystian at almost 4 months.


“I like this, Mom!”

March 24, 2009

amy-schwabAmy Schwab’s daughter looks so happy at her mom’s breast — what a great picture!

Nestled and nursing

March 23, 2009

amber-regamey-marshAmber Regamey Marsh uses her jacket to provide a nice nook in which son Alex can feed from her breast. He was about 8 months old when this picture was taken in Carcasonne in France. I like the contrast between the rugged, rough structure behind them and the beauty of the mother nursing her child.

Hard at work

March 22, 2009


Jessica Spring’s baby is busy taking nourishment in the special form that only she can provide. Here’s another beautiful picture of that special relationship between mother and child.