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Satisfied baby and mom

January 30, 2009


There are few more beautiful sights than a mother nursing her baby. The beauty and satisfaction in this mom’s face reflect the satisfaction of the baby she is nursing.

Lawless promotes breastfeeding

January 29, 2009

Lucy Lawless set a good example for other mothers in 2001 when she was the poster woman for World Breastfeeding Week. The slogan near the bottom of the poster showed the importance Lawless put on her role as a nursing mother.
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Welcome and purpose of this blog

January 29, 2009

A story on CNN recently inspired me to launch this blog. It dealt with a social Web site that was removing pictures of women breastfeeding because someone considered the pictures obscene or pornographic.

How ridiculous! There is nothing more beautiful than a woman using her breasts for the purpose for which they were intended — nourishing her child.

I decided that women who breastfeed deserve a place where they can proudly display pictures of themselves nursing their children. Here it is! I will gladly post pictures along with comments that you might send me if you want to tell something about yourself and your family. Send the pictures as attachments via e-mail to

Even if you don’t have a picture to send, you can write your thoughts on breastfeeding to me at that address. Comments in response to posts are also welcome. Let the world know how you feel about this important topic.

–Barbara Barry